Top List - Most Popular Emojis of 2020

Welcome to our annual overview of the most popular emojis in 2020! A year filled with unique events and changes has also been reflected in our use of emojis. These small, yet powerful symbols have continued to shape the way we express our emotions and share experiences in the digital world. In this summary, we highlight the emojis that have been particularly popular throughout the year, based on detailed usage data and analysis.

Our top list offers an insight into the emojis that especially caught the attention of users and became a part of their daily communication in 2020. The list shows the ranking of each emoji based on popularity, as well as how their usage has changed compared to the previous year. This overview not only provides a snapshot of the trendiest emojis of the year but also a deeper understanding of how digital expressions evolve and change over time.

Discover which emojis have been central in our messages and social media posts in 2020. Scroll down to see the entire list and experience the dynamic changes in the world of emojis!

1.🤍  White Heart
2.🤎  Brown Heart
3.❤️  Red heart
4.🥱  Yawning Face
5.🤭  Blushing Face With Hand Over Mouth
6.🧐  Face With Monocle
7.🧡  Orange Heart
8.⚤  Interlocked Female and Male Sign (bisexual)
9.🧏‍♀️  Deaf woman
10.💞  Revolving hearts
11.💜  Purple heart
12.🖤  Black heart
13.💙  Blue heart
14.❣️  Heavy heart exclamation mark ornament
15.💛  Yellow heart
16.🤌  Pinched Fingers
17.🤪  Zany Face
18.💚  Green heart
19.🔰  Japanese symbol for beginner
20.🥰  Smiling face with hearts
21.💗  Growing heart
22.😚  Kissing face with closed eyes
23.💖  Sparkling heart
24.💝  Heart with ribbon
25.😅  Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
26.💕  Two hearts
27.🌗  Last quarter moon symbol
28.😇  Smiling face with halo
29.🤡  Clown face
30.💥  Collision symbol
31.🛸  UFO
32.🥲  Smiling Face with Tear
33.🧑‍🦯  Person with probing cane
34.👩‍🔬  Woman scientist
35.💘  Heart with arrow
36.🦦  Otter
37.💟  Heart decoration
38.➰  Curly loop
39.🥦  Broccoli
40.🧑‍🎤  Singer
41.🪐  Ringed Planet Saturnus
42.🍡  Dango
43.⚛️  Atom symbol
44.💓  Beating heart
45.㊙️  Japanese Secret button
46.🌸  Cherry blossom
47.😘  Face throwing a kiss
48.🪔  Oil lamp (Diya Lamp)
49.حلال  Halal
50.🉐  Japanese sign for bargain
51.🧿  Nazar amulet
52.🦧  Orangutan
53.🍙  Rice ball
54.😄  Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
55.🥝  Kiwi fruit
56.🤩  Face With Starry Eyes
57.🚹  Mens symbol
58.🐥  Front-facing baby chick
59.🌚  New moon with face
60.🦓  Zebra
61.😤  Huffing With Anger Face
62.☪️  Star and crescent
63.🗞  Rolled-up newspaper
64.🏴‍☠️  Pirate flag
65.🧃  Beverage Box
66.🔮  Crystal ball
67.🧏‍♂️  Deaf man
68.🥸  Disguised Face
69.💨  Dash symbol
70.💠  Diamond shape with a dot inside
71.💫  Dizzy symbol
72.♀️  Female sign
73.🚁  Helicopter
74.🕎  Menorah with nine branches
75.😜  Face with stuck-out tongue and winking eye
76.🩸  Drop of blood
77.⏳  Hourglass with flowing sand
78.🤯  Exploding head
79.🧬  DNA
80.🟢  Green circle
81.🐽  Pig nose
82.⭕  Hollow red circle
83.🍞  Bread
84.🇮🇱  Flag: Israel
85.🚱  Non-potable water symbol
86.🕉  Om symbol
87.⚢  Doubled Female Sign (lesbian symbol)
88.🌟  Glowing star
89.😬  Grimacing face
90.🪓  Axe
91.🉑  Japanese Acceptable button
92.💁‍♀️  Information desk woman
93.🍥  Fish cake with swirl design
94.💔  Broken heart
95.🚕  Taxi
96.😻  Smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyes
97.🤗  Hugging face
98.😍  Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
99.🤲  Palms up together
100.✴️  Eight-pointed star