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The Rice ball, a typical japanese dish

The Rice ball, or onigiri as it is called in japanese, is a dish that is extremely common to have as a snack in Japan. It can almost be compared to the sandwich that westerners love so much. In essence the rice ball consists of rice, but in the middle of the rice ball it is very common to place some sort of flavoring, like for example dried salmon or preserved plums. Finally dried seaweed is wrapped around the rice, in japanese this seaweed is called nori, it is usually of the same kind that is used to make sushi rolls, maki. A fun fact is that there even exist special bento boxes especially made for rice balls, that are shaped to perfectly fit a rice ball. It is very common to bring a rice ball as a snack to work or school.

Statistics for emoji 🍙

As one of the largest English-language emoji sites, we also have the ability to collect large amounts of statistics about the popularity of all emojis, and this particular emoji 🍙 ("rice ball"), is ranked 38 out of all 1837 emojis in the top list for this year. The most popular month in terms of usage of the emoji 🍙 is february, last it had about 60 views on our site during this month. Below is a graph that shows what percentage of all views of the year fall on the respective months of the year for emoji 🍙.

Info about emoji rice ball

Here you'll find more info about the emoji 🍙. The main group that the emoji rice ball belongs to is Food & Drink, a group that it shares with another 1836 similar emojis. A lot of emojis does also exist in different variations, for example different skin colors, the emoji rice ball does however not have any known variations.

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Hex and HTML code for emoji rice ball

Below you will also find the HEX code for the emoji together with a prepared example coded in HTML that is ready for you to use directly in a generic HTML document.

Hex-code:   1F359

Use in HTML:   🍙

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